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One Photo: One Story; 1230 WBVP part 3

I was sitting at my desk in the studios of 1230 WBVP and WWKS in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania when the telephone rang. Before I could even say hello the man said, “Hello Mr. Mark Razz, I’m Tiny Tim and I’m coming on your show tomorrow for an interview”.

I said, “The Tiny Tim”. “Yes”, he said. I still wasn’t really sure. I thought maybe it was Steve Granato and one of his jokes.

Sure enough at 8am the intercom buzzed and he and Miss Jan walked into the radio station on 7th Ave in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

For the next several hours we talked about old Hollywood, Elvis, New York City Cabaret, Liza Minnelli, and The Circus. His real reason for being there was his appearance with the Circus coming to town over the next several days. He invited us to come along and ride the elephant while he played a concert under the Big Top.

When Tiny Tim invites you to go on an adventure you go. So we went and here is photo proof.

I enjoyed meeting Tiny Tim, it was a unique experience, he arrived at the radio station early in the morning and he wouldn’t leave. He stayed for hours following us around the radio station and planting himself in various offices talking to everybody.

He finally gathered his things after Granato asked me if I pooped my pants. I thought about for a second and said “No”.

Suddenly, Tiny Tim was out the door. Only to be seen again as we waited for our elephant ride the next day.

Friday May 25, 2018, WBVP turns 70. I was glad to be a part of such a legendary place.

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