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One Photo: One Story; Rent.

I just wanted to sit next to my Nana on the beach. We made the trip with Dad one summer to visit Atlantic City for the Elks Convention. On this trip was Me, Nana, my younger brother Bill, and Dad.

On the way down while riding with the windows opened on the Garden State Parkway, Nana opened a snack bag and it flew out of the window.

At that exact moment we passed a sign that said “Litter $100 Fine”. We yelled from the back “Ooooooh litter bug..” She cried because she didn’t have $100. Dad told her not to cry.

When we got to the beach, Dad talked to the man in the red tank top. (background) He walked Nana to the chairs in the photo. She sat and I sat next to her. The man kicked me out and told me I had to pay rent for the chair.

I had no idea what he was talking about; I thought this was where we were supposed to sit. He told me Dad had paid for Nana’s chair but not mine and I would have to rent it.

Every time the man would kick me out of the chair. I would wait, and jump right back in as soon as he left. He finally got mad and demanded rent. I didn’t have rent. When he went away, I jumped back in the chair (again) and Dad took the photo. Nana told me that we had the same amount of money. None. She thought that was the funniest thing and she let me sit with her on her chair, the man stopped asking for the rent.

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