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One Photo; One Story: For the love of the game.

Recently my son Devin purchased his own home. As he searched for a way to make a house feel like a home, he found his varsity letter. A letter he earned for his time as a baseball player for his hometown team Bloomfield High School.

I told him I had mine from playing baseball in the same town but for a smaller school, Bloomfield Tech. He asked me to find it and he would display them together in his home. My heart became full. I haven’t seen my HS letter for many years. It’s been in a storage bin hidden away. I never thought much about it really.

I dug it out of a bin filled with high school memories. The Blue was deep not faded from the years since I played in 1978 and ‘79. The Yellow border still bright and glowing from the stream of sunshine through the attic window.

Memories of those days long gone filled my mind as I sat looking at the deep blue B. I should have two letters. When my coach Bill Bromberg asked me if I’d rather have a trophy or a letter for my senior season I said “trophy”. He shook his head looking rather disappointed in my choice said “really”. I don’t know where the trophy is to this day. The letter survives, maybe it does for it takes on more meaning today when paired with my son’s.

I am proud to pass my letter on to my son. As he keeps mine with his they are mementos of our love of the game and times we spent on the field.


1978-79 Bloomfield Tech. #23 Bats: R Throws: R Positions: C, RF

6” 1”. 200lbs

Team Record 23-16-1 2 seasons


37 108 18 27 15 1 1 2 5 8 .250


2010-2012 Bloomfield HS. #10 Bats: R Throws: R Positions: 2nd, 3rd, SS, P

5” 9’ 180lbs

Team Record 44-39 3 seasons


57 131 21 44 19 6 0 0 14 8 .335

*2011 2nd team All Essex Super Conference Team 2nd base.

Baseball, as is all organized sports, is a metaphor for life. It exemplifies teamwork and its goals and your performance within the confines of a team game. Play hard, do your job, root for your team to succeed. Have a good attitude, play to win, and lose with grace. I went to as many games as possible to see my son play.

I didn’t insert myself into his world as he tried to figure the game out. I was proud of every play he made or didn’t make for that matter. He competed well.

I counselled him during a slump to play hard and practice well. Maintain a good attitude and the day will come when he would break out and his frustrations will melt away. They did.

As a parent you want your children to compete, play and work hard. He did all those things and still does. I’m very proud of all that he has accomplished thus far.

On the day I gave him my letter he said, “Does grandpa have a HS letter for sports?” He has US Army stripes, Sergeant First Class.


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