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One Photo: One Story; Hands Across America

On May 25, 1986 3pm. A human chain ran from New York City to Los Angeles, through 187 cities, 16 states and the District Of Columbia.

When the staff of 1280 WKST, New Castle, Pennsylvania heard about this event we became very active in making sure we were a part of history. Originally we were going to load a bus of listeners to join the line. USA for Africa was so impressed with our community outreach during their campaign the year before; they routed the “Hands” line through New Castle.

The line extended though Pennsylvania for 326 miles beginning at the Bridge in Trenton exiting west of New Castle to Ohio.

Our segment was 247, located at the Towne Mall in downtown New Castle.

There were some gaps in the line across America. In fact on Rt. 18 in New Castle people stretched jumper cables and belts to stay linked. A bridge of boats formed across the Alleghany River at the Point in Pittsburgh.

The night before in downtown New Castle, 1280 WKST, Coca Cola, Up With People, and Zambelli Fireworks hosted a celebration at Cascade Park Pavilion.

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