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editors note: In 2014, I wrote this story about our dog Seamus as a Christmas gift for my wife Kelly.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed Seamus in our lives.

Seamus is a good Dog.

His best friend is Cora, a Jack Russell just like him. Cora is from a bad place called a puppy mill. She wasn’t treated so nice there.

Seamus knew that Cora needed a friend. So He is her friend.

They go on walks together and play together. Now Cora has a happy life and Seamus has a lifelong friend.

He is also a friend with Fiona a calico cat, and Kelly, a very special Human.

Seamus learned how to be a friend from Fiona. The Cat.

Fiona was rescued from the forest near the river when she was just a few days old.

Fiona had her home first. Seamus and Fiona are friends because they learned how to live together.

Sometimes Fiona Kisses Seamus but mostly she just ignores him and thinks, “Silly Dog”.

At first Cora and Fiona were not very friendly. Cora barked at Fiona and Fiona hissed back.

Now Seamus, Cora, and Fiona are best friends and they live together.

Seamus has other friends too. Even famous ones like Lucy the World’s Smallest Therapy Dog.

Seamus was a friend with Elwood, Voted in 2007 and The World’s Ugliest Dog.

Seamus thought Elwood was beautiful and became his friend.

Seamus has many human friends too. He is just a good friend.

Seamus once went to work every day. He is now retired.

He worked in a store greeting customers, licking their faces, and taking pictures with them.

People came from far away to see Seamus. They loved Seamus and gave him too many treats.

He hurt his back and had to have surgery. Dr. Glass fixed Seamus and he is better.

He is no longer eating too many treats.

Seamus eats vegetables, fruit, and pumpkin. He takes vitamins and has smoothies for breakfast. He has apples and peanut butter and he shares them with Cora.

Most of all Seamus likes being a dog.

He goes on “Man-cation”. He likes walks and riding on the pontoon.

Seamus likes going to the beach, walking in the woods and going to Grandma’s house. She gives him Orzo and Chicken. Bad Grandma….

Seamus lives a happy life in New Jersey.

He is surrounded by so much Love from Cora, Fiona, Kelly, Mark, Devin, Brendan and Grandma.

Seamus and Devin.

Seamus has had many adventures.

He will have many more with his wonderful friends.


Kelly and Grandma.

and Billy.




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