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One Photo; One Story: The Little Boy Poem

One Photo; One Story; The Little Boy Poem

I imagine she was influenced by her brothers playing on the floor in their Willis Avenue flat in the South Bronx.

In 1952, Mom was published in a national magazine for high school students in the United States. The National High School Poetry Association, issued the “Anthology Of Northeastern States Denominational High School Poetry: Young America Says.”

You had a great mind Mom, I miss you.

She was very proud of this poem. I am proud to share this part of her with you.

Little Boy

He’s just a little shaver

With two dirty little hands.

He’s the king of all his realm

And he subjects his commands.

He lines them up along the floor

in their uniforms of blue.

How proud he is of his warrior band

And his subjects ever true.

Mary Fullam

St. Nicholas Of Tolentine High School

Bronx, New York


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