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One Photo; One Story: Front Porch

Every kid in our neighborhood could just walk into our house. The door was always open. The neighborhood was alive.

Back when summer days seemed to never end. When the front porch was home base. The gathering spot before and after kickball, whiffle ball, tag, or just to see who was around. If you were on the front porch you were available for any adventure your friends may imagine.

In the days before social media it was where we heard the ‘News’. Who liked who, who came home late, anything we needed to know was revealed on the front porch. Kids of all ages would come and talk. The neighborhood was safe. It was home.

If the older neighbors were on the porch they were open to talk, give advice, and have a laugh. It’s where you got to know each other and bond for life.

I love this photo because we’re together. Dad is home from his travels for work and we haven’t a care in the world. All the kids here have gone to have wonderful productive lives. We influenced each other and we’re better for it.

Today the neighborhoods are quiet, the kids perhaps in front of a screen living life in some cyber space. I miss the old front porch.

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