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One Photo; One Story: Championship Rings

*(Update.....I have held 3. Three championship rings in my life. Thanks to a friend who reminded me of the night in Franklin, Tennessee, when we visited Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their Tennessee estate. Tim recognized us from 925XTU and Philadelphia. He showed us Tug's World Series ring from the 1980 series. Tim let us hold the ring and wear it on our fingers. In the middle of the party we were jumping up and down like Tug. Thanks Mark Vizza for reminding me. Photo enclosed.)

I have held two *( 3 ) championship rings in my life. One, I met Willie Stargell in an airport one day just after he played his last game in a Pittsburgh Pirate uniform. He was on his way home to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.

He was very approachable. We talked about baseball and life. He was wearing his 1979 World Championship Ring. He caught me take a glance at it a few times. It had 10 diamonds in the letter P and his name STARGELL in bold on the side.

He could tell I was distracted by it. As he got comfortable talking with me, he slowly twisted the ring from his finger and asked if I wanted a closer look. I said “Yes, Mr. Stargell, I would”.

It was massive. It read WE ARE FAMILY on one side and 1979 with an engraving of Three Rivers Stadium. Pops was letting me hold his ring. He was The Most Valuable Player in that World Series.

I was amazed that he let me, a complete stranger hold such a piece of baseball history. I asked him what he would do if I ran away.

He said, “You seem like a nice young man, respectful, interested in baseball, besides I earned it. I would always know it was mine. You could run, but it wouldn’t mean as much to you would it”?

I thought about that, and thanked him. He was larger than life.

Today, I held another World Championship Ring. The Super Bowl ring issued to our company Entercom. It was a beautiful! World Champions! The Philadelphia Eagles Logo, and the Lombardi Trophy loaded with diamonds.

It was a sight to behold, a token of many dreams and hard physical dedication and teamwork.

However, my meeting with Mr. Stargell and him personally letting me hold HIS ring, from his hand. That was a significant moment of trust and a lesson in the human spirit, that remains with me.

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