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One Photo; One Story: Father's Day

I look at this photo often. It captures a moment of pure joy. We are free a father and son sharing a moment of pure delight, dancing to the music and loving life. I was never afraid of becoming a father. It seemed natural to me. I was afraid of screwing it all up. I have one son.

He is not far from my thoughts every moment of every day. Sometimes I’ll find myself thinking about him, so I’ll shoot him a quick text. “Sup” or “Where you at?” depending on how busy he is a text will come back a few minutes later responding, “Sup dad”. If he’s traveling for work, “In Chicago, Sup”. These are small moments that we build upon. Much like the above photo of us dancing. A series of small moments strung together build a connection and protection against the challenges life can bring.

On this Father’s Day I hope you search out your moments of joy and connection. When life gets stormy we need to anchor in our safe harbors, the harbor of unconditional love. I’m sure Father’s Day can be difficult for some.

The reasons are many and challenging. Perhaps they have passed on and the opportunity to build is gone. I hope you can build on the memory. If possible I hope you can build again. A spark can ignite a flame.

To my father, Happy Father’s Day, to my son, I am proud to be your father. To those still searching for a connection. I wish you peace and reconciliation.

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