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One Photo: One Story; Butterfly, come back.

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 83.

She used to say if you dream about someone who has passed on - pray for them. If you see something that triggers a memory of a deceased friend or you think it may be a sign - pray for them. Pray for their soul, they could be one step away from heaven.

The day after my mother passed away in August of 2005, a butterfly kept landing on me as I tried to plant a weeping willow tree in our garden. It was a gift I had given my wife Kelly on our first anniversary. I would shoo it away and it would fly around my head and land again. I thought to myself, this butterfly is trying to get my attention.

The sting of my mothers passing was still heavy on my heart. I thought, hmm, she always said pray. I prayed for her and the butterfly went away.

Is this God’s way of saying hello or is it a message from beyond our human understanding? I’ll never question God’s infinite ways or wisdom, so I guess its possible.

I didn’t have any dreams about mom after she passed away. I found that troubling at first and once I dreamed she was trying to talk to me but I couldn’t understand through the terrible static interference. I prayed for her that night with all my might.

It’s been 14 years and now a dream trickles through, there is no more static.

Every year a butterfly finds its way to me.

This summer there have been two so far. One soared around a picnic table where we were visiting my father on a warm summer evening.

We were enjoying some wine and having a wonderful conversation when the butterfly rested near us. Interesting, I thought.

One visited the other day as I sat on my mother’s porch. It landed on the railing next to me, hopped on me for a brief second and floated away.

I said a prayer for her again. I thought about her sweetness and the kindness of her soul. Like the soaring butterfly, I hope she rides on the wind. Free. Flowing on the peace of God’s love.

Happy Birthday Mom, Thank You.

I miss you. Send the butterfly back soon.

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