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One Photo: One Story: The Mighty Quinn

Imagine if you will, your life reduced to the world outside of your front window.

Now you are three years old and fighting cancer.

Meet Quinn. He is experiencing just that. I was moved by his story one Saturday morning as I scrolled through Facebook. Social media has become a place of untethered narcissistic drivel. Every so often a story is posted that warms your heart.

Quinn a day after his third birthday was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has had chemotherapy and stem cell treatments; his immune system is compromised until it rebuilds itself. He is confined to viewing the world from his living room window in his house near Quincy, Massachusetts.

On our 15th wedding anniversary my wife, Kelly, remembered how I shared that I was filled with light and hope by Quinn’s story. Others are also moved by his story. Cheerleaders, dance troupes, K9 units, motorcycle cops and everyday people stop by his window to help cheer him up.

Kelly contacted Quinn’s mom Tara to ask of we could pay a visit. She said, “Yes”.

I cannot sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. We do have two Jack Russell Terriers that can do a few tricks!

We met Quinn’s dad, Jarlath who was minding him on a hot August morning. His mom Tara was out on the morning of our visit.

The midday sun beat down on the yellow house on a busy street. Quinn came to the window wearing sunglasses to help him fight the sun.

He was happy to see Cora and Munson. Cora did a few tricks and Munson just ate the treats.

Quinn had a few laughs and it was wonderful to see him smile.

We left a few small gifts and said our goodbyes hoping the few minutes in Quinn’s window brightened his day.

As we were leaving a large basket of toys arrived from a local charity. The Mighty Quinn in his window in a wonderful world.

In lieu of an anniversary gift Kelly made a donation to The Jimmy Fund. Quinn’s experimental treatments are administered and monitored by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through the

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