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One Photo; One Story: Now wear it genius.

You could hear the whip of the stick as an excited five-year-old takes a crack at the Piñata full of delicious treats. The kids cheer as they anticipate the avalanche of candy to spill out onto the floor.


Every so often I’m reminded of some bonehead thing I’ve done. The thing is it never starts out boneheaded. Really. Trust me.

My dear friends were having a birthday party for their five-year-old son, Michael. Nice kid. He deserved a great birthday party, a special day.

He could be the big boy, Superman, a day to make him feel that the world is his for the taking. If you’ve ever been invited to a five–year-olds birthday party, you want that for them.

As the day grew closer I thought I would scour the stores to try and find the perfect gift.

I spotted a hot air balloon shaped piñata with bright yellow, blue and green colors. It was plump and round with room for hundreds of pieces of candy. I lifted it from the shelf and felt it’s heft.

“Loaded”, I thought.

I presented the piñata complete with whooping stick. Cheers, screams and shouts get me pumped up for some serious stick swinging.

Kids want their crack at this balloon stuffed with glorious treats!

The party was indoors and being 6’4", I volunteer to hold the piñata while the kids go to town.

How bad could little kids be anyway at swinging a stick?

Five or six kids later, I feel battered and bruised like Rocky Balboa beat me within an inch of my life.

Now it’s Michael’s turn, it’s the guest of honor’s place to hit the money shot, smash it over the fence and spill the candy all over the floor.

Michael hits me three times with all of his might striking me in the lip, fingers and neck. He BASHES open the piñata and nothing happens. The crowd wants him to swing again he swings and hits me so hard I see stars.

The piñata breaks in two and NOTHING comes out. No Candy. Nothing.

The adults in the room begin to snicker. I can hear the disappointment in the voices of the children. “No Candy?”No. No candy. I had assumed that the weight, the size and the price of the piñata included the candy. Silly me.

My friends made me wear the broken pieces on my head as an ass hat.

So fill your piñatas my friends and stay strong and never ever give up.

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