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One Photo: One Story; Fire Andy Reid!

“Fire Andy Reid”! The phrase began as a whisper in 2004 during the Philadelphia Eagles failed attempt in the big game. The phrase grew louder in in 2007 and 2008 after early post season exits.

“Fire Andy Reid” became a campaign slogan after going 8-8 in 2011 and 4-12 in 2012.

The Eagles came tantalizingly close only to be disappointed time and time again during the Andy Reid era. Philadelphia was aching for a Super Bowl win. The whisper turned into a thunderous roar on sports talk stations, in newspapers blogs and from fans all around Philly.

Social Media was just taking off and fans where vocal. “Fire Andy Reid” raged on. It was time for a coaching change.

I began to use the phrase “Fire Andy Reid” as a non sequitur in many of my own social posts and as an answer to random questions.

How are you today? “Fire Andy Reid”. It became a punch line.

People still say it to me today. I always answer, “Right”!

I like Coach Reid. He’s normal and fallible just like us.

I met Andy Reid for a few moments on his 52nd birthday, March 19, 2010.

The phone rang in my office two days earlier at 925XTU here in Philadelphia. The voice was Tammy Reid’s, Andy Reid’s wife.

“Mark, It’s Tammy Reid”. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her voice and said. “Hi”. “It’s Coach’s birthday”, she said. “ Friday we are going to see Taylor Swift, he’d love to meet her, and it’s his birthday, can you help us meet her”?

Meet and Greets for any major artist are very special and hard to come by. If you’re lucky enough to obtain one or two, you’re one of the few. In March of 2010, Taylor Swift was reaching the top. It was a hard ticket to get and a difficult meet and greet to obtain.

“How many do you need Mrs. Reid”, I asked.



“I need to make a few calls, Tammy”, was my delayed response.

“Thank you, and please come by the suite, Coach would love to meet you, I’m sure. You can have a piece of birthday cake too”. Tammy said.

I hung up and sat at my desk thinking that the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles needs my help and there’s cake, you gotta make some calls man!

I reached Erik Powell who was on the team at Big Machine Records that expertly helped Taylor rise from a singer song writer to super stardom. He also works to this day helping 925XTU with record and artist relations.

“Erik, I know this is the last minute, however for Friday’s show in Philly, Andy Reid would like to meet Taylor Swift before the show. Can you help out?” I asked.

Erik replied, I’ll try, how many do you need”?



Erik said, “Eight! You’re killing me”.

I started to explain, “Erik, he’s the head coach of the Philadelp”……He cut me off”. I know who he is Razz, I’m a Cowboy fan”!


We both nervously laughed, and he said, “Give me some time”, and hung up.

The next morning, he called and said, “Eight under his name at the will call window”. I was relieved and told him, “Andy Reid cannot go

to will call”.

“Fine, give him my number and I’ll meet him wherever he is.” Erik replied.

Tammy was extremely happy with the news and repeated, “Please come by the suite and have a piece of birthday cake, Coach will be very happy”.

On show day, I was very busy broadcasting, organizing tickets and greeting radio station listeners and friends. I was delayed going to the suite. I negotiated my way to the suite door. I knocked and waited several minutes. A man came to the door and looked at me and said, “Yes”?

I introduced myself and said, “I’m here to see Coach, I’m from 925XTU and Mrs. Reid asked me to stop by”. He told me to wait.

I waited. And waited for what seemed like several minutes.

A face peaked out and it was Tammy Reid. She whispered, “Thank You”, and let me in. The entire Reid family was there watching Gloriana take the stage. The lineup for the “Fearless” tour was Gloriana, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift. I stood in the back and waited while Tammy whispered to Coach.

He turned and waived me over, as he stood, I was amazed at how big and powerful he was. He was every bit an offensive lineman. He took my hand and said, “Thank You, I love the radio station”.

I could see a large beautiful delicious birthday cake over his right shoulder. I swear he saw me sneak a peek at it. He moved as if he were blocking for his old quarterback at Brigham Young University, Jim McMahon.

We looked at each other and he shook my hand again with a mighty powerful grip and said, “Thanks again” and sat back down to watch the show. His family waived and turned to watch the stage.

As I stood there for a moment, I realized that this was his valuable precious family time. I slowly backed out of the room.

Oh well, no cake for me, “Fire Andy Reid”, Indeed.

An hour or so later, Taylor came out to thunderous applause wearing an Official Philadelphia Eagles jersey with the numeral one on it emblazoned with her last name, “Swift”. A gift from Andy Reid and his family.

I remain a fan of Andy Reid and Taylor Swift. I’m so glad I could help make his birthday special. Good Luck in the Super Bowl Coach. I say this with the most respect; “Fire Andy Reid”.

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